Daversion has extensive experience in building web applications. We specialize in corporate sites, intranets, e-commerce sites as well as custom web-based solutions that respond to your specific needs. We use standards-based technologies that work seamlessly in all web-browsers while baking-in a clean and user friendly experience into all products we make. More…


Applying the KISS design principle (Keep It Short and Simple) is a key goal in all our designs, unnecessary complexity is avoided at all costs in order to create products that promote productivity and minimize learning curve. More…


Targeted SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an art that requires careful and meticulous work to increase the ranking of your website.

Let us conduct an analysis of your website, keywords, competitors and strategy to get you on the first page of Google search results. More…

Website Design

Daversion is a Montreal web design company dedicated to building websites using only innovative and standards-based technology. Our core values revolve around delivering high quality products, sustainable technologies and high customer satisfaction. Our clients are composed of businesses of every size as well as individuals and start-ups in the Montreal area and abroad.

We specialize in the following web-design projects:

    •  Corporate, business and non-profit sector website design
    •  E-commerce (shopping cart) websites
    •  Custom web-based applications
    •  Montreal website design
    •  And much much more …

Whether you are located in Montreal or abroad, do not hesitate to contact us for a quick and free consultation.

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